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Private Utility Locate Before Fence Install - Louisville, Kentucky

GPRS was contacted by a business in Louisville, KY during a renovation of their property. The renovation included installing a fence around a portion of the property, and planting trees and other landscaping. The business was concerned with possible utilities in the area where the fence posts were to be placed and where the trees were to be planted.

GPR Scan Prior to Installation of Fence - Louisville, Kentucky   Private Utility Locate Before Fence Install - Louisville, Kentucky

After scanning with the RD 7000 and 400 MHz antenna, numerous utilities were found in front of the building. Electric, gas, water, and other utilities were located, ranging from 1-3’ deep in the ground. While most of the utilities were able to be identified, there were a few utilities located which could not be confirmed as gas, electric, or water. These utilities were marked in pink and communicated to the on-site contact. After speaking with the contact, he informed me the location of their business had previously been a residential area. Numerous row houses previously occupied the space where the business currently sits. While the old gas and water meters had been removed, it was unknown if the utilities were actually removed from the ground. The site contact was satisfied to know the locations of the utilities, along with the depths. Due to the shallow depths of a few of the utilities, it was possible a utility could have been struck during the planting of the trees. By calling GPRS, the renovation was able to safely continue by working around existing utilities.

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