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Private Utility Lines Located Prior to Directional Bore - Orlando, FLPrivate Utility Lines Located Prior to Directional Bore - Orlando, FL

We were recently called out to an intersection where our customer was performing a directional bore in order to install a new communications line. There were USIC paint markings on the ground prior to our arrival, but no depths were provided, and many of the lines were only pinpointed with within a 4-6 foot range. As is often the case with directional bores, our customer was more concerned with the depth of the lines than with their coordinate location, so our GPR technology was a perfect solution to our customer’s problem. We were able to locate and provide depths for two water lines, a gas main, a storm line, and a force main. By physically popping the storm manhole and taking a tape measurement, we were able to calibrate our GPR antenna to make sure that its reported depths lined up with the measurements taken in the real world. This sort of calibration is essential, as soil conditions can vary widely, and taking a real world measurement sets up a benchmark for accurate GPR calibration. After calibrating the antenna, the GPR was rolled over the USIC markings, and their location was pinpointed to within ±6” horizontally and ±8” depth. We marked the depths directly on the asphalt, as well as on a Google Earth satellite image. We also located several small electric lines that the 811 locating service had missed. Our satellite drawing was composed on site and was in our customer’s inbox before we left the site. The following day, the customer was able to perform the directional bore with peace of mind and without any issues.

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