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Clearing Area Prior To Soil Boring – Carlisle, PennsylvaniaUtility Line Locating Prior To Soil Boring - Carlisle, PA

An engineering company was looking to drill 15 soil borings for soil examination. The company was looking to add a new building in the area. While clearing the 15 locations, they also requested all utilities be located in the area. The area consisted of multiple utilities including gas, electric, communications, water, sewer, force main, and drain pipes. To locate these utilities and any other utilities they hired Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to come out and complete the scope of work. Sam Hart, who is based out of the Harrisburg office and covers the mid-state, was able to assist the client in locating all the present utilities as well as clear the 15 soil borings prior to drilling. This job took place in Carlisle, PA.

GPRS performs GPR scanning to locate any utilities or anything subsurface before drilling or excavating. Whether you are clearing boring locations for soil sampling or satisfying the bank’s questions of any subsurface surprises, GPRS has your answers. For any projects in Central Pennsylvania, contact Sam Hart at 717-798-5721 or . Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has a representative in every major city, so we are able to come out and scan as soon as you need us.

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