Possible Contaminated Soil at an Old Gas Station - Newport News, VA

Utilities Located Prior to Soil Boing Test - Newport News, VA

An environmental company in Newport News, Virginia called GPRS for assistance with a contaminated soil investigation that they were conducting. The property had been previously a gas station, and although they were informed that the old underground storage tanks had been removed, the builder that wanted to build a new structure at the location wanted to have the job-site tested for contaminated soil prior to starting their project.

To test for contamination, the environmental company needed to perform several soil borings at the job-site. Prior to starting the soil boring process, our customer decided to have GPRS of Virginia to come out and clear 10 areas that they had previously marked out. For this project, we used our 400MHz antenna along with the SIR 3000 in a 2’ grid pattern to locate any possible underground utilities in the concerned areas. We also scanned a 20’ area around each of the customer’s marks, and as a result of this 20’ area scan, in addition to the utility lines that we located in the original project area, several utility lines were located, and our customer was able to use this information in determining soil boring locations.

For projects like this, in conjunction with ground penetrating radar, after scanning the area in question, we also go back and scan the same areas with Radio Detection to see if there are any live power lines, and if there are any communication lines by using the radio mode. When marking the results of a scan onto the surface, we use the standard marks as necessary, Red-power, Yellow-gas, Blue-water, Green-sewage, Orange-communications, Pink or White -unknown utilities. As the result of this scan, GPRS was able help our customer with avoiding hitting several critical utility lines. Of course, this potentially help our customer avoid any costly repairs, down time, and possible injuries that may have occurred if they would had drilled without using our services.

All GPRS employees are OSHA 10 trained and go through a 3-month training process to ensure that they are confident in their GPR skills, and with all of the equipment that they are using. GPRS Virginia/Maryland/Washington DC has a 24-hour policy; we can get to any job you may have within 24-hours or less if needed with our rapid response program.

Contact us at: rapidresponseva@gp-radar.com or contact your local GPRS Contact. GPR is a great tool to locate underground utilities. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Virginia Beach, VA., scans for utilities multiple times a day.

If you have a need for any utility locating in the Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, VA., areas please contact Bryan Housand at 757-335-1789 or at bryan.housand@gprsinc.com.

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