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Using GPR to Locate Septic Tank and Leach Field - Alberta, Canada

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) Enterprises Inc. of Edmonton was called out to locate several septic tanks and septic beds in this area. One of the projects was locating an old septic tank at a big cement plant where the main bathroom was shut down due to septic system’s clog and the septic tank needed to be serviced. The tank had a manhole but it was covered by gravels. They attempted to find the manhole with a metal detector without success probably it did not have a steel cover. The plan operations department reached out to GPRS for the GPR service to locate the tank. Our technician was able to mobilize quickly after the call with a 400 MHz and a 200 MHz antennas and successfully determined the location of the tank, associated lines and other buried utilities running in the area.

septic tank and its manhole scanning

This picture show the location of the septic tank and its manhole found 90 ft. away from the building. They were 12ft deep and 2.5 ft deep respectively and both made of concrete.

utilities located with GPR Alberta

A 200 MHz antenna can be seen in this picture. It was able to penetrate down to 15 ft. to detect the tank while the 400 MHz was used to locate other small utilities at less than 6 ft. (with higher resolution).

Edmonton Utility Scanning Services GPRS

Another picture showing the location of other buried utilities in the scanned area. The markings on the ground were confirmed with both GPR and a Radio Detection (RD) equipment. A gas line is shown in yellow paint while the red is electrical. A map of all the findings was also provided in case the owner wanted to excavate the tank. GPR can be also an ideal option to locate a leach field. The picture below is from another project completed by GPRS at a private residence in Calgary. The home owner knew general location of the field but wanted to find out its exact location prior to trenching for a new sump pump across the back yard. GPRS was able to locate the tank, head pipe and all the plastic distribution pipes with depth.

septic tank locating in Edmonton

This picture was taken at a residential septic field locate. The precise location of the septic bed was marked on the ground with paint in real time. In this case, the leach field could be recognized by the greener grass. However, we still found extra pipes and probably they were clogged. Ground penetrating radar is also a great tool to scan concrete with post tension cables, rebar, and conduits, including PVC pipes and can also be used to locate underground utilities, USTs prior to cutting or excavating to reduce risk and costs associated with damages on job sites. GPR technology is also safe, accurate, and can mark out targets in real time. If you need any private utility locating and our other services in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and surrounding areas, please contact Kien Do at 403-909-5391 or

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