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Underground Tank Located by GPRS - Parkersburg, West Virginia

An Engineering Surveying company had a project in Parkersburg, WV in which a pretty large piece of property was being sold off, prints showed that the property had existing underground storage tanks and before the seller was able to complete the transaction these would need to be found and removed. The purpose of the search was to determine if there was a tank present, and if so, where it was located so it could be removed in a timely manner. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. was referred to the company by an engineering company who had just recently had a similar project that needed completed. They knew they could count on GPRS to look beneath the surface to find the tank. When they called the technician that covered the area they were pleased to hear he was available to complete the project on the day requested.

Will Johnson of the Charleston, WV office mobilized to the site and began searching the property, and quickly determined that the original location of the tank no longer had one present. The owner of the property was then able to excavate the area of concern that day to confirm the findings of GPRS. While the vent pipes to the UST were still left intact they had removed the tank and simply cut the vent pipes and left them as is. This was completed in a timely manner and ultimately helped move the sale of the property along. In addition to finding underground utilities, and storage tanks, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has the ability to locate and map out rebar, post-tension and conduit prior to saw cutting, trenching, core drilling and in some cases unmarked graves.

Ground Penetrating Radar provides a non-intrusive way to determine what lies below, in a fast, safe, and accurate manner. If you have need of any underground imaging services please contact our Charleston, West Virginia office, which serves Morgantown, Parkersburg, Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Huntington, Kenova, Beckley, Princeton, and the rest of West Virginia. If you are interested in obtaining more information or a quote please contact William Johnson at:

Underground Tank Located by GPRS in Parkersburg, WV

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