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Underground Storage Tank Located Inside a Business
– Athol, Massachusetts

Underground Storage Tank Located Inside a Business A project manager needed to fill and plug an underground storage tank that was no longer in use within at a local business. Prior to excavating, the fire department required the environmental company to find the exact location of the underground storage tank. The project manager needed to have this tank located immediately in order to stay on schedule and comply with the rules of the fire department. After speaking with the fire department, he immediately contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New England to conduct a GPR Investigation. GPRS utilized the 400 MHz antenna, which can penetrate depths of up to 8 ft., to perform the GPR Investigation. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems located and marked out the underground storage tank within an hour, providing real time results. After investigating, GPRS was able to locate the anomaly at 13½”. The project manager now had the documentation that he needed to gain approval from the fire department to proceed with the excavation.

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– Athol, Massachusetts

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Located - Littleton, MA

Underground Storage Tank Located - Athol, MA    UST Scanning Massachusetts

Peter Kessinger of GPRS-Boston was contacted to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) investigation in Littleton, MA in order to investigate approx. 21,000 sq ft 30 feet out from a building perimeter. The investigation resulted in locating an underground storage tank 3’ deep in the vicinity of a septic leaching field. With nothing but a Sanborn map from the 1940’s GPRS was able to identify not only the suspected UST but also safely pre clear proposed boring locations of private utilities. Ground Penetrating Radar is non-destructive, non-hazardous, time efficient and gives immediate results.

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