Ground Penetrating Radar Systems-UST Search - Arlington, Virginia

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Virginia was utilized to detect USTs at a commercial property in Arlington, Virginia. The client was looking to find a UST, and also clear areas for soil borings in the surrounding areas. They called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. to help locate any tanks beneath the surface. GPRS project manager of Virginia, Stephen Yant was able to locate the pit where the UST had previously be removed.

UST Locating in Arlington, VA

This was all done in a safe, time efficient, non-destructive way. The radar emits radiation less than 1% of that found to be emitted by standard cell phones. This means practically no hazardous radiation to operators or persons above or below the work zone.

If your company needs UST’s or utilities located in the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. Arlington, Alexandria or surrounding areas with fast response times and easy scheduling, please contact Stephen Yant at 703-851-3853 or at

Ground Radar Scanning
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