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Rebar and Conduit Locating at Medical Facility - Boston, MA

Peter Kessinger of GPRS-Boston was contacted to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) investigation at a medical facility in Boston, MA. The contractor needed to core drill several locations of an elevated concrete slab. Due to the fact that this project was located at a medical facility that housed several patients, it was vital for the contractor ensure that they could avoid hitting any conduit lines as a power outage would have put the lives of the patients at the facility at risk. Also, striking a conduit line could have resulted in a serious injury and/or death to the employees of the contactor working at the job site. Our investigation resulted in the location of several electrical conduits within the concrete slab that we were requested to scan, and we were also able to locate all of the reinforcing steel within the slab. All of the GPRS scan results were mapped directly onto the concrete surface with their locations and depths.

Rebar and Conduit Locating at Medical Facility - Boston, MA    GPRS Locates Electrical Line in Concrete Slab - Boston, MA

Using the results of the scan, our client was then able to place their coring locations in a manner which allowed them to avoid striking rebar and electrical conduit during the drilling process. Thanks to GPRS, the contractor was able to core drill with the peace of mind knowing that a conduit or reinforcement line would not be hit during the drilling process. This helped to keep the project on schedule and safe.

Ground Penetrating Radar is non-destructive, non-hazardous, time efficient, and it is able to provide immediate results. All of our scanning results are marked onto the surface in real-time. GPRS has offices throughout the United States and Canada, and we are able to locate conduits, reinforcing, and post tension cables within concrete. We are also able to locate private utility lines, underground storage tanks, unmarked graves, voids, and more.

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