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GPRS Locates Rebar and Electrical Conduits - Lancaster, PAGPRS Locates Rebar and Electrical Conduits - Lancaster, PA

A General Contractor called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to locate rebar and electrical conduits within an electrical room prior to saw cutting. The General Contractor was looking to saw cut and install a sump pump to resolve a problem they’ve been having with excess water. This job took place in Lancaster, PA. The area was approximately 50’ x 10’. They hired Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, who specializes in locating anything subsurface. Sam Hart was the technician hired to complete this task. He was able to scan the concrete to verify the location of the rebar which is marked in black marker, and any electrical conduits within the concrete which is marked with red paint. Sam Hart mapped out any potential conflicts, which he communicated with the General Contractor before they began their saw cutting. Sam has covered multiple jobs in the Lancaster-Lebanon area.

If you need any assistance before trenching, you can reach Sam Hart at 717-798-5721 or It is always better to be certain of where everything is before saw cutting, core drilling, or excavating, than to go into the job blindly and risk the safety of others. This particular project was in Lancaster, but Sam covers the entire mid-state area. He often works in York, Lewistown, and Reading.

Ground Radar Scanning
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