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Rebar Locating on Pre-Cast Concrete – Memphis, TN

Zach Bates, a project manager for Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee, worked with a Memphis manufacturer to scan for and locate reinforcement in a pre-cast concrete wall. The results were helpful to structural engineers to determine the strength of the wall. GPRS, Inc. utilized a GSSI 1600 MHz ground penetrating radar antenna to map the underlying reinforcement in the concrete. The rebar was marked on the surface of the concrete with lumber crayon.

Rebar Locating on Pre-Cast Concrete – Memphis, TN

GPRS, Inc. uses non-destructive testing equipment to locate piping, reinforcement, and conduits that are unable to be seen. Using GPRS, Inc. offers a safe, cost effective way to make sure contractors can safely drill or cut. Other services we offer are: underground utility mapping, underground tank location, rebar locating, and void location.

If GPR services are needed in Memphis, Tennessee, call Zach Bates at (901) 233-9964 or email at

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