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GPRS Concrete Scan - Boston, MARebar Scanning with GPR Technology - Boston, MA

The lot had been recently repainted so we were asked to make our markings in chalk so they could be easily washed off.

For GPRS applications in Providence, Pawtucket, Cranston, Central Falls, Warwick, East Greenwich, Narragansett, Jamestown, Newport, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, Boston, the Cape and surrounding New England. Call Josiah Blackerby (401) 340-0232 or email at

A consulting firm in Boston was helping a local business in the Seaport District determine the feasibility of an addition along the outer rim of their property. The entire foundation was actually a pier, so their main concern was whether or not there was enough reinforcing connecting the different parts. Based on our investigation with ground penetrating radar each section was pieced together with a layer of asphalt over the top. None of the reinforcing was continuous into the next section. Before the consulting firm discovered GPRS, they had proposed to saw cut and jack-hammer each section to find out the same information.

Ground Radar Scanning
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