Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc.

Rebar Locating Project - Baltimore, MD

Baltimore High-Rise Rebar Locating in Baltimore, MDWhen a contractor was called to drill through the concrete for a plumbing conduit, the engineers in the building did not want any structural steel hit in the building. GPRS of Baltimore was called to locate the vertical and horizontal rebar in the slab. Mike Bell was able to not only locate the rebar, but to give an exact depth as well. There were approximately 35 different locations that needed scanned. The project was completed within a day on site. Ground penetrating radar can efficiently and accurately locate reinforcing steel inside the concrete.

Mike Bell performs GPR scanning to locate reinforcing steel in a concrete slab. For assistance in the Baltimore Metro area, as well as Towson, and Columbia contact Mike Bell at or 410-419-3608. We can provide rebar locating, post tension cable locating, location of conduits, underground utility locating, and void detection.

Ground Radar Scanning
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