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Plastic Conduit and Rebar Locating Prior to Drilling for Dowels - North Vancouver, British Columbia

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of British Columbia was contacting by a local general contractor in the North Vancouver area to locate plastic conduits and rebar prior to drilling in order to install dowels. The slab contained a large number of plastic conduits that needed to be precisely located, as many of them were live and carrying electrical current. One of the conduits (pictured below) was located within an inch of two potential drilling locations. The information provided by GPRS allowed the contractor to shift the drilling locations, avoiding a potentially dangerous electrical line hit.

Rebar Locating with GPR North - Vancouver, British Columbia

On a small drilling project such as this, a conduit hit could be disastrous with regard to safety, cost of replacement, and time lost on the project itself. Avoid the risk and gain peace of mind by having us survey your locations prior to drilling or cutting. GPRS can be on site within 24 hours of a request in order to keep these important concrete drilling/cutting projects running smoothly.

If your company is in need of plastic or steel conduit location, rebar locating, post tension cable locating, or concrete void detection in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact:

Jesse Moorhouse at (604) 671-1829 or at

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