Radiant Heat Mapping Project in Vail, COConcrete Slab Scanned for Heating Tubes - Vail, Colorado

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. (GPRS) was called to scan an area of an existing slab in Vail. The general contractor wanted to know the location of all of the radiant heating tubes to ensure that the tubes were not struck droning the cutting and coring of the slab. Using ground penetrating radar, GPRS found all of the tubing in the designated area and can be seen in the picture below. With the information presented, the general contractor was able to continue with the construction process and avoided having to replace the existing radiant heating system.

GPRS of Colorado is one of the most trusted utility locating companies because of its highly trained and dedicated technicians. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems only performs electromagnetic investigations such as GPR and is on hundreds of job sites per year. This provides our technicians with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to locating private utilities since it’s the most requested service that we perform. If you would like to learn more about ground imaging or have GPRS speak at your office contact your local representative today at jordan.bradish@gprsinc.com or 303-656-6536. GPRS Inc has several offices all over the mountain region of the United States such as: Albuquerque NM, Kansas City MO, Denver CO, Salt Lake City, UT, and Wyoming.

Ground Radar Scanning
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