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Private Utility Scan at Geothermal Project - Woodstock, VTPrivate Utilities Located at Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historic Park - Woodstock, VT

GPRS-Boston was contacted to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) investigation at a National Historic Park in Woodstock, VT. The client asked Project Manager, Peter Kessinger to scan for, and to locate all of the sub-surface utility lines at the project location. Our customer was planning to get started with a geothermal construction project, and they knew that it would be best to call GPRS to scan the area prior to digging. Due to the fact that this project required a new cable to be installed over several existing direct bury lines, it was critical that our customer had information on not only the location of the utility lines, but also the depths of these lines.

During the scanning process, we were able to locate several underground utility lines within the planned excavation areas. As the scan was completed, the depths, and locations of these utility lines were marked directly onto the surface with red paint. By using the results of our scan, the client was then able to come up with a plan that ensured that they would be able to complete the geothermal project without any issues. Ground Penetrating Radar is non-destructive, non-hazardous, time efficient, and it is able to provide immediate results. If you are in need of utility locating in the New England Region, please visit the Contact Us page of our website to contact your local GPRS Project Manager.

For GPRS capabilities in the New England area please call 603-703-6007 or email

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