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Private Utility Scanning with Ground Radar - Tampa, Florida

Private Utility Scanning with Ground Radar - Tampa, FloridaGround Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of Tampa, FL was requested on-site by a national general contracting company in order to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan at the Pepsi Bottling facility in Tampa, FL. The purpose of our scanning was to locate any underground utilities or other anomalies which may interfere with a proposed conduit installation. The installation was planned to be conducted by digging a trench through the asphalt area scanned. The contractor planned to install new conduit in the proposed trench path to a maximum depth of 36”. We were contacted in order to conduct this survey due to the fact that the contractor was worried about hitting any underground utilities with their excavation equipment where the proposed trench path was located. Hitting or breaking any of the underground utilities when digging could have resulted in major consequences with regards to slowing down the operations of the facility. All utilities and anomalies detected using our SIR 3000 with the 400MHz antenna were clearly marked on the surface and explained to the on-site contact. This communication is vital in order to assure that the contractor understands exactly what anomalies were found and at what depth they were located. With this information, the contractor is able to determine how deep they can dig their proposed trench path in order to install new conduit. Along with the GPR scanning using our 400MHz antenna, we also used our RD-7000, which is a device that detects live power and RF signals below the surface. This device is used most commonly utilized when locating electrical or telephone lines buried below the surface.

The services offered by Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is the best way to determine the locations and depths of underground utilities such as water, electrical, gas, fiber optics, sanitary, storm, sewer and communication lines prior to any type of excavation such as trenching. In total, an area roughly 30’x250’ in size was scanned during this particular trip to the site. We were on-site for a total of approximately four (4) hours in order to conduct the survey of the area requested, mark our findings on the surface, and explain the findings to the contractor. Following our scanning and explanation of our findings, the contractor was prepared to excavate the proposed trench path with the knowledge of where the underground utilities were located and how deep they were. This information helped the contractor stay on schedule with no costly delays associated with the disruption of any underground utilities. The photo below depicts Justin Rasanow, our Tampa Area Manager, scanning a portion of the proposed trench path. He is using our SIR 3000 unit with the 400MHz antenna to scan the area. Please contact Justin Rasanow at (727) 420-3292 or for any utility or concrete scanning needs you may have.

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