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Fiber Optic Line Locate at Landscaping Project - Dallas, Texas

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by a general contractor that needed to determine the location of a fiber optic cable. The contractor was planning to plant several trees at a newly renovated school, and prior to starting excavation, they wanted to have their project area scanned.

The general contractor was already aware that the fiber optic cable had existed on the property thanks to a previous GPRS scan. However, due to the fact that the fiber optic cable was close to several of the locations where they planned to plant dig holes for new trees, they called us to scan the area for a 2nd time.

If the fiber optic line would have been hit during this project, the should would have been shut down until the line could be replaced. Therefore, it was extremely critical that the fiber optic line could be located as soon as possible. The contractor needed to finish their job on schedule, and without any costly mistakes. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was able to come on site and successfully mark out the fiber optic line which ran right through one of planned location for a tree.

Dallas, Texas GPR Utility Scanning Company  Private Utility Scan Prior to Landscaping - Dallas, TX

Above, you can see two pictures that were taken at the job-site. In the picture on the right, you can see a wooden stake (which marked the planned location for a tree). The orange paint in the pictures shows the location of the fiber optic line, and as you can see, the contractor would have hit the fiber optic line if they would have excavated without having GPRS scan the area first.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems used both a 400 MHz antenna, and a Radio Detection (RD) device for this project. All of our findings were marked directly on the surface with SUE marking paint so that the customer could easily interpret the results of the scan.

GPR was ideal for this project because:
  • GPR is able to provide an accurate, and deep penetration when used by experienced professionals at GPRS.
  • GPR works great in open, and clear locations.
  • GPR is perfect for active work sites as it does not emit any harmful sounds or radiation. In this case, the school did not have to close so that the scan could take place.

For a similar scan at your job site, please contact GPRS Project Manager, Adam Kubicki by phone at 682.999.0046 or by email at Sonar has also been performed in Fort Worth, Arlington, Texarkana, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, and Denton, TX. X-ray can also be used to locate post tension cables, rebar, wire mesh, conduits, and other buried objects inside concrete.

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