Private Utility Scan Near Rail Line – Boston, MAGPRS Scans for Utilities Along Commuter Rail - Boston, Massachusetts.

A local rail line needed to clear for utilities prior to installing new utility poles along a 50 mile stretch of the commuter rail. They suspected some obstructions but did not expect the fiber optic line to run right through their proposed sites. With the help from a GPRS technician, who is Right-of-Way certified by Keolis, safe locations were found for entire project and the contractors could proceed as scheduled with no delays.

For GPRS applications in Providence, Pawtucket, Cranston, Central Falls, Warwick, East Greenwich, Narragansett, Jamestown, Newport, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, Boston, the Cape and surrounding New England. Call Josiah Blackerby (401) 340-0232 or email at

Ground Radar Scanning
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