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Private Utility Locating Prior to Trenching - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Private Utility Scan Before Trenching -  Vancouver, Canada

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of British Columbia was called out to conduct a a utility location scan in an alleyway prior to trenching in order to install new gas feeds to multiple businesses. The alley way that was scanned contained all of the utility hookups for the businesses that were being serviced, including storm sewer, sanitary sewer, communication/fiber optic lines, power/electric, and water/hydro hookups. We began by visually inspecting the alley, looking for any visible conduits, gas meters, manholes, and visible utility evidence. All manholes were accessed, in order to get depths and to fish a traceable sonde and sewer cable down each clay pipe. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) was then used to find any other utilities without a passive charge, and to get depths on the communication and power lines. Electromagnetic detection, or radio detection (RD) was used to tone onto any visible metal pipes, or conduits in the area, and was also used to passively sweep for any charged utilities. The photo to the right shows a sample area of some of the marked utilities on site.

BC one call was unable to provide services for this alley, as it was privately owned, and no city plans existed. Private utility locating was the only option on this project, as it was imperative to locate everything accurately before proceeding with trenching due to the large amount of services involved, and the importance of the businesses being affected.

The utility map shown below is an example of a Google Earth Satellite image overlay that was provided to the client for a separate portion of the same project. GPRS can provide output maps ranging from something similar to that which is shown above, to AutoCAD drawings, redline drawings on provided plans, and simple hand sketches in the field. All of these different mapping options are tailored directly to the parameters of the project, and the needs of the client. GPRS is also happy to setup BC one call appointments in applicable areas prior to showing up on site, in order to provide a fully inclusive service and make sure nothing is left to chance regarding unknown utilities.

If you are in need of, or would like a free quote for any of our underground utility locating services (private or public), such as utility locating, underground storage tank locating, soil boring clearance, or trench scanning in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact:
Jesse Moorhouse at (604) 671-1829 or at

If you have a project in a providence other than British Columbia, please contact one of our offices in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Vancouver area utility locating service

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