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Private Utility Locating at Campground - Central FloridaPrivate Utility Locating at Campground - Central Florida

GPR was requested to provide a utility map for a campground in Central Florida. Our customer needed to replace a number of aging and failing electrical conduits, and needed to know where all the existing utilities were along the relevant path. We located a sanitary sewer at 10’4” running down the center of the road, Water at 6’8” running down the side of the road, and a communications line that varied in elevation from 48” deep to 72” deep. We likewise located and identified two reclaimed water lines, a high voltage power line, a gas main, two sewer laterals, two storm lines, and a fiber optics line.

GPRS now offers Orlando contractors same day utility map drawings as part of our standard output. To create the utility maps, we either receive plans from our customer, or we pull satellite imagery off Google Maps. These maps/plans are marked up with color-coded utility lines and any relevant notes. For an additional fee, we also offer GPS coordinate collection and reporting for each line and we can create .kmz or .dwg files that pinpoint utility locations, usually to within 1’ accuracy. In this case, our customer opted for the manually drawn map, as they were more concerned with expediency and line depth than precise line location. By the time we left the site, the customer had a utility map and a two-page documentation of our findings in his in-box.

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