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Private Utility Locating in Providence, RI

Private Utility Locating in Providence, RI

After purchasing a small store in Providence, RI, the new owner quickly discovered that the property was once a gas station. In order to open her new business the old gas storage tanks needed to be removed. In order to obtain data through proper analysis, the owner contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New England to scan the lot in order to detect the tank. GPRS detected anomalies consistent with that of UST’s and found not only one but four locations of UST’s. GPRS used a High Resolution 400MHz Antenna for the project that is able to scan concrete up to 15’ in depth with an incredible accuracy of +/- 1’ on the location and depth of the anomaly. GPRS marked the edges of the tanks on the surface and created a report so that the owner had verification Underground Storage Tanks were present in the property.

Utility Locate at gas station

To learn more about the capabilities of GPRS in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine & Vermont, contact Project Manager, Josiah Blackerby at 401.340.0232 or

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