Locating Utilities for an Environmental Contractor - Little Rock, AR

Zach Bates, a project manager for Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. in Little Rock, Arkansas, worked with an environmental contractor to locate underground utilities prior to excavating at a vanadium plant in Hot Springs, Arkansas. GPRS, Inc. utilized a GSSI 400 MHz ground penetrating radar antenna as well as a Radiodetection RD7000+ to locate electrical, natural gas and water lines on the property. The utilities were marked with marking paint and flags.

Locating Utilities for an Environmental Contractor - Little Rock, AR Private Utility Locating - Little Rock, AR

A Google Earth image of the located utilities was provided to the client after the project. GPRS, Inc. offers other reporting options such as written reports, GPS CAD mapping, and GPS Google Earth image overlays.

GPRS, Inc. uses non-destructive testing equipment to locate utilities, underground storage tanks, and grave sites that are unable to be seen. GPRS, Inc. offers a safe, cost effective way to make sure contractors can safely drill or dig. Other services we offer are: post-tension cable location, conduit mapping, rebar locating, and void location.

If GPR services are needed in the state of Arkansas, call Zach Bates at (501) 251-4036 or email at zach.bates@gp-radar.com.

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