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Private Utility Locating at Airport Jobsite - Central FloridaPrivate Utility Locating at Airport Jobsite - Central Florida

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. was contacted to scan for utility lines at a job site in central Florida airport were a large hangar was being constructed. The contractor called us out to this job site on three separate occasions: once prior to breaking ground, and twice to locate various utilities. As your can see in the picture to the left, at one stage of the project, the contractor was using large poles to hold up the walls of the new hangar building that was being constructed. Prior to anchoring these poles into the ground, the contractor called GPRS to scan the area for utility lines. Although the contractor was aware that several utility lines ran parallel to this new wall, they needed to determine the precise depths prior to drilling for the anchors. During this scan, we located both a potable water line and a clean out in the target area, and thanks to the details provided by our 400MHz radar antenna, we able to provide the contractor with the depths of these utilities.

Project #2

While digging an elevator pit inside of the new structure, the contractor discovered a concrete storm line running under the building. Not knowing if the pipe still carried water, GPRS was asked to trace the line out to determine if it was still functional or if it had been abandoned. After tracing the line out in both directions, it was determined that one end of the line emptied into an old storm drain in an adjacent parking lot, and the other end of the line appeared to end just prior to reaching the new building. Workers dug at the last point our radar was able to see the line, and it was location, it was determined that the line was collapsed, which was great news for the contractor. With this information, the contractor was able to remove the abandoned line, and finish the afore-mentioned elevator pit.

Project #3

A third project on the site was to locate all of the utilities along a proposed 500 yard trench path to allow for new conduits to be installed. As was expected, several intersecting utilities were found. The electrician was provided with a record of the located items, along with depths, so that they could plan appropriately.

This job is a great example of some of the variety of services GPRS can offer to customers, and it didn’t even include our concrete scanning which is second to none!

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