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Utility Locating for Manufacturing Company - Frankfort, KY

A manufacturing company in Frankfort, KY contacted GPRS to locate utilities on their property. The client had numerous warehouses on the property, and recently discovered one of the fire lines feeding a warehouse was leaking. It was determined there was a leak due to low water pressure at the warehouse. This problem was necessary to fix as soon as possible, due to the risk of fire. If a fire were to occur in the warehouse, the leaking fire line may not provide enough water to extinguish the fire. This potential risk became a safety issue along with the possibility of losing product. The exact location of the leak was unknown; therefore the client contacted GPRS to locate the fire hydrant line and any other utilities in the area.

GPRS Locates Private Utilities – Frankfort, Kentucky  Utility Locating for Manufacturing Company - Frankfort, KY

In the small area the client requested for the utilities to be located, there were four fire hydrants, an electrical box, and a sewer line. The locations of the fire lines and electrical lines were marked on the ground. These utilities were found using the RD 7000 and 400 MHz antenna. The sewer line was deeper in the ground than the client planned on excavating. After marking the utilities, the client had a better plan of where to begin excavating. The client was satisfied with the work, and felt more comfortable with continuing the project.

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