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Utility Locating for Environmental Company - Jacksonville, Florida

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Jacksonville, Florida was contacted recently to locate utilities prior to a local environmental company drilling for soil borings. The client was investigating near buildings in a business park and wanted to avoid hitting any utilities feeding the number of buildings in the complex. Fiber optics, communication, water, sewer (force main), gas, electrical and other utilities were all known to be present in the area. A number of locations were scanned and all utilities in the area were marked out, painted and flagged. Following the investigation, the GPRS technician discussed all of the findings with the site contact and the driller to be sure all markings were clearly understood.

Utility Locating for Environmental Company - Jacksonville, Florida

Above you can see GPRS technician Chris Moore scanning with the GSSI 400 MHz antenna to locate utilities on this project.

As a result of the GPR investigation, all utilities near the drilling locations were able to be avoided, allowing a safe project to be completed with no damages or injuries. If you would like a similar job completed or a quote for a project you may need GPR on, please visit the “Contact Us” page at

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