GPRS Subsurface GPR Scanning

Private Utility Locate - Austin, TXDozens of Lines Located Ahead of Utility Trench Project Using GPR – Austin, TX

When a Austin contractor planned his earthwork he knew from experience that one of the calls he would make would be to GPRS local Austin representative Corey Brecht. As it turned out, this call undoubtedly saved him thousands of dollars in repairs to any of the dozens of subsurface utilities located within this area. GPRS provides a comprehensive service for locating underground utilities, executed by a team of well-trained, highly experienced technicians using industry leading technology.

Call your local GPRS representative and learn how we can save you time, money, and headaches with our outstanding service. For Central Texas, call Corey Brecht at 512-417-6105 or email at

Ground Radar Scanning
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