Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc.

Private Utility Locate Prior to Digging - Dallas, TXGPR Scanning for Private Underground Utilities – Dallas, TX

This scan took place in the grass area of a parking lot in Dallas, TX. Irrigation lines were present and needed to be marked out prior to the client digging for the installation of a small foundation for a sign.

Prior to excavation, David Hagenmayer with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc., was contracted to scan the area and mark out all underground utilities and obstructions. David was able to determine the precise location and depth of the irrigation line present. The client was then able to dig safely and effectively without striking any lines.

Ground Penetrating Radar is cost effective, non-hazardous, and provides data in real time. For GPRS services in North Texas, please call (972) 922-0223 or email

Ground Radar Scanning
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