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Private Utility Locate with Ground Penetrating Radar Near a Railroad - Kansas City, MO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Kansas City was recently contracted to perform a utility locate along a stretch of railroad in Eastern Kansas. The locate was completed prior to the installation of new signal towers. The GPRS technician performed the scan to provide the accurate location of utilities prior to the contractor drilling a large hole to mount the tower. Having utilities marked out prior to work being performed is a key component to providing a safe working environment. Furthermore, it will save time and money be avoiding any hits that may have happened had the utilities not been marked out.

For your next project in or around Kansas City, please contact your local GPRS project manager. For projects in other locations, GPRS has offices throughout the United States and Canada. Click here to view a full list of our offices.

The picture above identifies the general area where the towers are to be placed and the utilities that are affecting those areas. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Kansas City can assist you with locating utilities on any project in Kansas City, MO, Lawrence, KS and Topeka, KS. For more information about the capabilities of GPRS please do not hesitate to contact 913-636-5099 or 913-961-9534. I can also be contacted by email at

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