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Private Utility Locating - Vancouver, British ColumbiaUtility Locating Prior to Trenching
- Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of British Columbia was called out to provide a utility survey prior to trenching for a new fiber optic communication line. This project was located in downtown Vancouver, in the alley way of a historic building. Water and gas lines were located running very close to the existing communication line, which was originally installed at a shallow depth that was not up to city code. Any shutdown of the gas or water feeding the building would have cost the client precious time and money on an otherwise routine excavation project. The route of the proposed trench was moved to a clear area to the left of these utilities in order to avoid conflicting with the existing underground pipes.

The location of these previously unknown utilities allowed the contractor to avoid a potentially dangerous and costly situation on a small project. Areas with older buildings in downtown areas typically have utilities in various locations that may or may not be documented on city plans.

If you are in need of any of our underground locating services, such as utility mapping, underground storage tank locating, soil boring clearance, or trench scanning in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact:
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