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GPRS Locates Underground Utilities at the Belden Village Mall - Canton, Ohio

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was called a general contractor who was working at a project at the Belden Village Mall in Canton, Ohio. The scope of our work was to locate all of the underground utility lines at the location, so that two new buildings could be constructed. Additionally, a new electrical line needed to be added in the parking lot of the property.

The contractor needed to know the locations of all of the main electric, gas, and water lines so that they could build two new restaurants, and so that they could re-route all of the utilities in the area. By using GPR and Radio Detection, water, gas, electrical, communication, sanitary, and storm lines were all located on-site. As the scan was completed, the results (including the location and depths of the utility lines) were painted onto the surface. Additionally, once the scan was completed, GPRS was also able to provide the contractor with an aerial image, and a CAD drawing which informed the of the locations of all of the utility lines that were located at the site.

GPR, and Radio Detection technologies provide an accurate, and effective way to locate underground utilities prior to excavation. Why dig when you do not know the location of the utility lines beneath the surface? Keep your project on time, and safe, by calling GPRS for you next project. For this project, if the contractor would not have had all of the utility lines located prior to starting their project, a utility line would have likely had been hit during construction. In addition to locating sub-surface utility lines, we are also able to scan concrete slabs for conduits, rebar, and post tension cables.

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The images below show all of the utilities that were located at the project location.

GPRS Locates Underground Utilities at the Belden Village Mall - Canton, Ohio

Ohio GPR Utility Scanning Canton

The information below provides more details about the equipment that was used for this project.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GSSI SIR – 3000
GPRS uses a Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. (GSSI) SIR-3000 Radar unit. This is the most advanced GPR available. It allows for on-site interpretation, as well as stores data for later processing. This equipment is self-calibrating, allowing more precise depth and location measurements.

400 MHz Antenna
This antenna typically allows data collection to a depth of approximately 4’- 6’, with a maximum capability up to 12’ depending on soil conditions. This specific antenna was created and calibrated specifically for locating underground utilities, UST’s, and other underground anomalies.

Radio-frequency Detection System (RD)

Radiofrequency Detection System (RD)

RD 7000+
This is an electro-magnetic tone locating device manufactured by Radio Detection. This specific model detects live power and RF signals underground, allowing us to locate electrical or telephone lines even if they are below the minimum size requirements to be detected by GPR. It also allows us to detect utilities via induction or conduction with an exposed or known surface of the utility.

Ground Radar Scanning
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