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GPRS Scans Concrete Slab - St. Petersburg, Florida

Recently, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. (GPRS) was contacted by a contractor in order to locate post tension cables at a new 8 story luxury condo site in St. Petersburg, FL. The contractor needed to locate any rebar or post tension cables because they were core drilling. The company contacted GPRS of Tampa in order not to hit any of them.

Isaiah Runkle of GPRS was contacted in order to perform the survey at this location. Using our 1600MHz antenna radar equipment, we were able to map out any post tension cables or rebar, as well as any other anomalies which were running through the areas of concern. The contractor was pleased with our results and felt relieved that they were able to work in the areas knowing where any post tension cables, rebar or any other anomalies were located.

Below is a photo taken on-site which depicts Isaiah locating any post tension,
rebar or any other anomalies located in the area of concern.

GPRS Scans Concrete Slab - St. Petersburg, Florida

To schedule your next project in or around Tampa Florida, contact Project Manager Isaiah Runkle by phone at 813-344-9656 or by email at

High Rise Condominium Scan with GPR – St. Petersburg, FL

High Rise Condominium Scan with GPR – St. Petersburg, FL When a contractor needed to determine the locations of several drains within a 41-story condominium that was being built in St. Petersburg, FL, they called GPRS for concrete scanning services. The contractor wanted to avoid hitting items such as post tension cables, conduits and other near-surface objects. After being contacted by the contractor, we quickly scheduled to have one of our Project Managers assist with this project. One arriving on-site, we used ground penetrating radar (a nondestructive method of locating) to find, and mark out the post tension cables that were within the concrete slabs in question. This was critical to the contractor as it was important that they did not compromise the structural integrity of the building, or risk any injuries to the workers at the job-site.

Ground penetrating radar uses a radar pulse to image various subsurface objects. This is a high quality, nondestructive solution can be used to locate post tension cables, conduits, rebar and near-surface utilities. GPRS utilizes an array of ground penetrating radar solutions that can help any client streamline their projects which includes concrete analysis, void locating, and underground utility location. GPRS of West Florida has worked on many projects in the Tampa Bay area, and this includes projects in Naples, FL, Sarasota, FL and St. Petersburg, FL. If you would like to schedule an appointment in the Tampa Bay area or have any questions, please contact Regional Manager Adam Yunker at (727) 420-3292 or at

For projects in all other locations, GPRS has offices throughout the United States. Click here to view our company directory to contact your local GPRS Project Manager.

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