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Scanning of Concrete Ceiling Prior to Drilling in Miami, FL

GPRS’s Miami office recently scanned for post tension cables in a concrete ceiling. The contractor was installing metal track along with mounting of large screen TVs to the ceiling. GPRS was able to locate the post tension cables and reinforcing steel in the living room areas along with all bedrooms. The contractor could then drill into the slab without damaging any PT cables or structural steel.

Scanning of Concrete Ceiling Prior to Drilling in Miami, FL

Ground penetrating radar is an accurate method in locating embedded anomalies in concrete. The ideal application for concrete is the precise locating of post tension cables, reinforcing steel and conduits. The unit does not emit any radiation which makes it safe for residential homes. The results are in real time which helps to keep the project on time.

Please contact Brad Goforth at 561-252-6132 or 954-734-4091. He can also be reached by email at GPRS has locations nationwide with local offices in Naples, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, West Palm Beach and Vero Beach.

Ground Radar Scanning
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