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Private Utility Scan to Locate Plastic Gas Line - Southlands, British Columbia

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of British Columbia was called out to provide a utility location survey for a private ranch in Southlands. The gas line in question had a built-in tracer wire, but the homeowner was concerned that it had been damaged at one point, and they wanted to pinpoint the location of this utility prior starting some excavation work. GPRS mobilized the next morning and arrived at the job-site at 8am. The gas line had been dug up at the edge of the property, and the tracer wire was exposed. The first step to locating this line was to use the RD7100 transmitter and receiver to test the tracer wire. The transmitter was grounded on the negative side with a grounding spike, and the positive side was attached to the tracer wire. A 33MHz frequency was chosen, and induced onto the gas line tracer wire. Using the receiver, we were able to accurately locate this line all the way up to the gas meter at the house. This test proved that the tracer wire was functioning correctly, and location of this utility was completed accurately at the same time. This small project only took us 10 minutes to complete.

Plastic Gas Line Utility Locate - Southlands, British Columbia

The photo above shows the gas line in question highlighted with the yellow arrow. The transmitter and receiver are also in the frame highlighted by the red arrows. This was a very straightforward utility locate, and because of the time involved, GPRS was able to provide a discount to the client in order to keep costs low. A deliverable in the form of a Google Earth drawing was also provided at the end of the survey, so that the homeowner could have a permanent record for the location of this utility going forward.

Private Utility Scanning Canada GPRS

The utility map shown above is an example of a simple red line drawing that can be provided to contractors after the marking of utilities is completed in the field. GPRS can provide output maps ranging from something similar to that which is shown above, to Google Earth satellite image overlays, AutoCAD drawings, and simple hand sketches in the field. All of these different mapping options are tailored directly to the parameters of the project, and the needs of the client. GPRS is also happy to setup BC one call appointments prior to showing up on site, in order to provide a fully inclusive service and make sure nothing is left to chance regarding unknown utilities.

If you are in need of, or would like a free quote for any of our underground utility locating services (private or public), such as utility locating, underground storage tank locating, soil boring clearance, or trench scanning in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact:
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