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Pipeline Locate - Kissimmee, FloridaGPRS Locates Pipeline at Industrial Facility - Kissimmee, FL

We recently completed a utility locate for a major industrial facility in Kissimmee, Florida. The client wanted to drill down to some 10” steal pipelines, so they needed to know both the pipeline locations, as well as the depths of any other utilities that crossed the pipeline path.

The pipeline had a cathodic protection system (CPS), which is essentially an electrical current that passes through the steal pipe in order to prevent the oxidization that leads to rust. As a result, we were able to locate the pipeline with the RD 7000, and follow it, even through dense foliage, down to a depth of 20 ft.

We were also able to locate a water line, two sewer lines, and some communications lines that were crossing the pipelines path.

The customer had no problems on the job and has scheduled further work for the coming weeks.

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