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Orlando International Airport - GPRS Project - Orlando, FL

There are multiple reasons and multiple methods used to install utilities in the ground. A prominent utility installation company in Orlando had been contracted to install new power lines to feed a new building. The plan was to directional bore across a distance of roughly 500 lineal feet passing several existing utilities running parallel and perpendicular to the power lines they were installing. Having worked with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems many times before they knew exactly who to call to make sure they did not hit anything in the process.

Orlando International Airport – GPRS Project – Orlando, FL
Nate Schmoe, of GPRS, Inc. using the Radio Detection wand to trace existing utilities in the ground.

When locating utilities there are many tools used to assist in locating. GPRS employees utilize all of the existing technologies to ensure accurate and useful results. Radio detection is a tool frequently used to locate utilities. GPRS professionals can also use induction to send signals through metal piping, tracer wires and some electrical lines to trace with a radio detector. Once on site the GPRS professional used their RD7000 radio detector to locate the electrical conduits, communication lines and a fire protection line running parallel with the road. After this ground penetrating radar was utilized to sweep the area to provide depths for all located utilities and to locate the separate lines that the RD7000 cannot. Once all the utilities were located and marked with spray paint and flags the GPRS professional then mapped everything out onto a Google Map image to provide the client with notations of the findings as well as have something for their records.

In addition, it is important to communicate. So GPRS took the time to explain what was found and any of the limitations specific to that project. This process was developed to ensure the most accurate results as well as having the client fully informed and prepared to begin their work.

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