GPRS Subsurface GPR Scanning

Private Utility Locate for Security Company - Wood Dale ILPrivate Utility Locate for Security Company
- Wood Dale, IL

A security company located in Wood Dale IL is planning on renovating the front of their building. This process includes installing pillars which need to be buried about 6’ into the ground. The area where the pillars are being set is believed to contain underground utilities.

The contractor installing the pillars contacted GPRS to use Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection to find any utilities buried in the areas where the pillars are being installed. Technician Michael Flis was able to use the Radio Detection wand and the 400 MHz radar to find electric, telecommunication, water, and sewer lines. The utilities were marked in paint on the ground so when digging begins the operator knows where it is safe to dig.

Ground Radar Scanning
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