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Locating Interior Utility Lines with GPR in Red Deer, AlbertaUsing GPR to Locate Interior Utilities for Soil Boring Clearance - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

One of many applications GPRS can provide to environmental or geotechnical consulting firms is soil boring clearance by utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar.

GPRS Enterprises Inc. in Calgary has recently completed a project with assisting indoor drilling through a concrete slab on grade at multiple locations. These boreholes were expected to extend more than 10ft deep. Therefore, it was critical to identify all utilities such as sewer, buried electrical, gas, water and other features if present within the proposed boring locations.

Again we was able to mobilize to the site shortly after the request. This task was a combination of using GPR with different antenna frequencies to locate object at multiple depth ranges and Radio Detection to detect lines carrying signals. Active signals were also sent along any exposed utilities to trace them underground from outside of proposed areas. By doing that, GPRS located all piping systems and conduits embedded within the slab as well as deeper utilities below the slab. With the portability of GPR equipment, this project only took a couple of hours even we needed to switch between 3 different antennas. In addition, all the interpretation was done on site in real time and findings were marked directly on the surface so that the client could drill right after the GPR investigation. Other means of reports were also given such as sketches of findings for free of charge or CAD drawing, and GPS reports with Google Earth overlays upon request.

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