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Large Commercial Parking Lot Scanned for Utility Lines - East Orlando, Florida

A large-scale commercial property in East Orlando was undergoing a major renovation which included the installation of a roof over a large parking lot. Once the roof was installed, the renovation plans also called for the installation of a large section of solar panels on the top of the roof (which would then provide energy for the property). This project was obviously a massive undertaking, and of course, before the contractor could start digging, all of the utility lines and other subsurface “unknowns” needed to be located. The roofing company working on the project was aware that there were several major power lines which ran under the project area, but they wanted to know the exact location and depth of these lines prior to starting their project. In addition to several major power lines, there was also several storm drain lines, electrical conduit lines (for lighting), fire protection water lines, and a myriad of other utilities running underneath the parking lot.

Large Parking Lot Scanned for Utility Lines - East Orlando, FL

The image above shows of GPRS Inc., Project Manager, Nate Schmoe scanning a portion of the renovation area slab surface.

The roofing company decided to give Ground Penetrating Radar Systems a call. Soon after being called, Project Manager, Nate Schome, arrived at the job-site in the early hours of the morning and started to scan the area. He started to radar scan the property with a GSSI 400MHz antenna and then he also used also used a RD-7000 (radio-detection) device to fine tune his initial findings. Soon after arriving on-site, GPRS Project Manager, Nate Schome, was also able to meet with the Project Engineer of the project to discuss the project plans and requirements. After everyone had an understanding of what was expected, Nate started to scan the parking lot from the very edge of the project (near the commercial building on the property) all of the way to the opposite end of the parking lot. Water mains, electrical lines, sewer lines and storm drains were detected throughout the complex and all of these findings were labeled on the ground with colored spray paint and flags to show their locations. Additionally, the depths of these lines were also marked onto surface for reference. Due to the fact that this parking lot was so large, the scanning process took an entire day.

After all of the scanning was completed, the findings of the scan were reviewed with the Project Engineer and the client. Additionally, on the day after the scan was completed, GPRS provided the contractor a Google Map image which outlined the details of the results of the scan.

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