GPR Utility Scan at Resort - Central FL

GPRS of Central Florida GPR Utility Scan at Resort - Central FL

GPRS was recently called out to a central Florida theme park resort. A fence was being installed on one side of a parking lot and GPRS was brought in to make sure that the proposed fence posts wouldn’t hit anything under the surface. GPR Project Manager Tony Valenti met his contact at the job and while the client was explaining the scope, the client said, “I don’t think there’s anything under here, but we figured we’d have you guys come take a look anyway”. Tony Valenti of GPRS - Central Florida Office visually scanned the area, specifically looking for any indicators on the surface that might signal utilities through the area, and Tony thought to himself that the client was probably right.

Then, Tony grabbed his GPRS scanning equipment of out his truck.

After one sweeping with our 400MHz antenna, the results of our scan told a much different story. The data indicated a line running across the projected fence path at a depth of 2 feet. After seeing the line on the 400MHz antenna, Tony switched to an RD8100 radio detection wand to see if he could follow and identify it. The 8100 picked it up right away and he was able to determine that the line in question was a power line. The initial scan also picked up a slightly deeper line at 3 ½ feet, almost parallel to the projected fence path, running through the post locations. After following the line with the 400MHz antenna, Tony was able to determine that it was a storm line that ran diagonal through the parking lot to a retention pond. At the intended depth of 5 feet, two of the fence post bore locations would have struck this line.

The client, who had been working in another corner of the parking lot, walked back over after a time and looked at Tony’s marks on the ground. He stood over them and looked in either direction to see what I had found. He then walked over to me and held up his hand to shake Tony’s hand before saying, “Thanks for saving me a headache”. At Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. we strive to provide our customers with a service that both minimizes safety risks and saves them from costly “headaches” like the one mentioned above. Please visit the “contact us” page on out website at to contact your local GPRS representative.

Private Utility Scan with GPR - Downtown Jacksonville, FL

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems’ Jacksonville Florida office was recently contacted to locate utilities near downtown Jacksonville. The client was working on a property near the Riverwalk area and was installing new communication lines. They wanted to avoid damaging any utilities running to the number of restaurants and condo buildings along the south side of the St. Johns River so GPRS was contracted to complete private utility locates. The proposed trench and directional bore path was scanned using GPR and radio detection devices. All utilities were painted and flagged directly on the ground surfaces. Following the investigation all of the findings were collected using a GPS Trimble device to collect the locations of each of the items. Water, gas, electrical, conduit, communication, fiber optics, natural gas and other unknown utilities were all found in the area. Each location was collected and placed into an aerial map and later inserted into a CAD file.

locate utilities near downtown Jacksonville

In the image above, you can see GPRS technician Adam Yunker scanning with his 400 MHz antenna along the Riverwalk area in downtown Jacksonville.

The client was able to use the markings in the field and the mapping services following the investigation to safely and timely install the new utilities and avoid damaging any live utilities already in operation. If you would like a similar locate completed or a quote for your project requiring GPR, visit the “contact us” page on our website at to contact your local GPRS representative.


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