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GPRS Scans Parking Lot for Unknowns in Charleston, WVGPRS Scans Parking Lot for Unknowns
- Charleston, West Virginia

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Charleston, WV was called out to a large parking lot by an engineering company that was designing a new structure. The plans of the project called for a new structure to be built in the place of the parking lot. However, historical documents showed that a structure had existed on the property before it was turned into a parking lot, and as a result of this, the engineering company was concerned that there would likely several “unknowns” under the surface (such as an old foundation or utility lines).

The engineering firm requested GPRS Project Manager, Will Johnson, to scan the entire lot, and to mark out any possible signs of a foundation, utilities lines, underground storage tanks, and all other “unknowns”. During the scan, we were able to locate several areas of several potential excavation pits (which where chunks of concrete that had been buried during the demolition process of the previous structure). We were also able to identify several utility lines, and a potential underground storage tank.

After the scan was completed, all of the results were provided to the engineering company so that they would be prepared for the excavation and building process. By having the property scanned by GPRS, the engineer was able to limit project downtime, and the dangers that come with digging without knowing what is below the surface.

GPRS completes projects including private utility locating, and concrete scanning (prior to saw cutting and or core drilling). We are also able to conduct several other tasks including: identifying old foundations, locating underground storage tanks, assisting law enforcement with locating human remains, and cemetery (unmarked grave) mapping. Ground penetrating radar can be used in wide variety of applications, but at the end of the day, it is a great way to identify potential subsurface “unknowns”. Knowing what is beneath your project surface can limit site downtime, and it can help to keep your project safe. By using a combination of several scanning technologies, GPRS works hard to ensure that our customers get the fastest and most reliable scanning results possible and GPRS can assist you with all of your locating needs. Whether you are excavating, boring, or trenching, GPRS is your locating solution.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Charleston, WV can assist you in your projects in Huntington, Kenova, Beckley, Bridgeport, Lewisburg, Morgantown, Clarksburg, Parkersburg, and surrounding areas. For more information about GPRS capabilities or questions on how we could assist you with your next project, please contact Will Johnson by e-mail at or by phone at 304-989-2323. GPRS also has offices throughout the United States and Canada. For a full list of our offices, click here.

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