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GPRS Scans Concrete Prior to Core Drilling - Orlando, FL

GPRS Scans Concrete Slab at Core Drilling Project
- Downtown Orlando, FL

GPRS of Orlando received a call to scan a concrete slab in a downtown high-rise. Because this was smaller sized project for GPRS, with only two core locations to scan, we were able to provide same day scheduling.

The customer asked us to scan directly over a section of old carpet (which is not technically a best practice), but the carpet was not a significant hindrance to the GPR scan’s effectiveness. A thin layer of carpet does very little to reduce a GPR scan’s quality, but it does increase the likelihood that the survey wheel of our equipment will slip. This slip increases error by up to a half inch. Normally, we recommend that customers stay off our scan result lines by an inch, but it is best to stay off of the scan result lines on carpet by 1.5”.

This particular scan was of a 5” thick beam and joist slab, and one conduit was located inside the scan area. The customer’s planned core drill location was directly between two beams, and the area was relatively clear (with the exception of reinforcing steel). The customer was happy with the results of our GPR scan, and core drilling process was able to be completed with confidence.

How to prepare for your GPR scan

1. Our fees are generally related to time on site, so please try to have the area laid out, and prepared before we arrive on site, so that we can keep the price as low as possible.

2. In order to be sure that you can schedule an appointment with us on the day and time of your choice, it is best to schedule your scan at least 3 days out. We are able to accommodate 80% of next day requests, but it is safest to schedule a few days out in order to make sure you get the most convenient time.

3. GPR cannot scan within 2 inches of obstructions. The obstructions that we often encounter is wall track. Therefore, we advise our customers to cut away an 8” section of wall track prior to our arrival. This will allow us to run the radar across the wall plain, and so that we can ensure that there are not any conduits running within the wall.

To schedule your GPR scan give us a call at 407.335.6588 and tell Dane Short how we can serve your team.

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