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GPRS Scans Columns for Anchoring - Arlington, Virginia

A contractor renovating offices in Arlington, Virginia contacted GPRS of Northern Virginia/Washington DC to map out reinforcing on four faces of a column for anchoring in steel plates. The client was extremely concerned about striking reinforcing steel and weakening the structural integrity of the column. This is becoming a common practice in the DC Metro area due to the lack of real estate in the high demand areas. Instead of building out the contractors are building up. The building owner will decide to add levels to the building, therefore they have to reinforce the columns to withstand the weight. GPRS scanning aids contractors in reducing the likelihood of subsurface obstruction strikes during drilling. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was able to locate the reinforcing steel in the column to give contractors valuable information on where to safely anchor. GPRS was able to locate conduits in the column also, to ensure that no one was injured during the drilling process.

GPRS uses the latest in GPR technology and Radio Detection to locate these live conduits safely and accurately. GPRS was able to map out all of the steel in real time by scanning all four sides of the column. Marking all findings directly onto the surface helps by providing a map of what items were imbedded in the concrete. So that the anchor placement could be shifted based on the rebar and conduit layout. GPRS is able to see approximately 18” deep into the concrete with the SIR3000 and 1600MHz antenna. This was all done in a safe, time efficient, non-destructive way helping the client stay safe and on schedule.

GPRS provides convenient scheduling for your projects in Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Including our newest program, RAPID RESPONSE, where we guarantee if you have an emergency we will make it our priority to get to the project within 24 hours to ensure you stay on schedule and safe in your project. If you need reinforcing, poet tension cables or conduit mapping on beams, columns or any other slabs in the Reston, Vienna, Fairfax, Washington D.C., Arlington, Alexandria or surrounding areas please contact Stephen Yant at 703-851-3853 or at

GPRS Scans Columns for Anchoring - Arlington, VA

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