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GPRS Maps Plumbing Lines - Hamilton, Ontario, CanadaGPRS Locates Plumbing Drainage System - Hamilton, Ontario

GPRS Enterprises of Hamilton was contacted by a major contracting company to map out the plumbing drainage system and to locate any utilities or unknown lines running through there excavation areas. A technician was able to arrive on site within 24 hours to conduct the GPR scan where we located the existing plumbing system along with the old abandon system that fed the previous building that was once on that lot. Giving the contractor peace of mind by clearing the area and allowing him to start his excavation process.

GPRS was able to locate all utilities regardless of pipe material, or presence of tracer wires. Precise depths were also labeled next to each utility in order to provide more detail regarding the utilities before digging began. During this project we were able to locate exact locations of utilities and in this case abandon plumbing drainage system that the contractor did not know existed, so that the area could be excavated without striking any obstructions. If you are in need of Private Utility Locating or any of our other services such as Rebar / Reinforcement Layout or Void Detection, please contact Adrian Atkins at 905-531-1438 or

Ground Radar Scanning
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