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GPRS Locates Voids Within Concrete Slab - Jacksonville, FL

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently contacted to locate voids beneath concrete at a nearby Port to Jacksonville, Florida. The voids were present along a sea wall that was damaged. Sea water had corroded the sheet piling that comprised the front edge of the bulkhead and was washing out the soils behind it. As a result, voids were popping up along the wall creating dangerous conditions for those working and operating near the wall. GPRS used their 400 MHz antenna to locate potential voids down to depths of 60 to 80 inches. As the GPRS technician walked the path of the sea wall (a little over a mile in length) he would mark a void when found and map out its extent. Following the investigation all of the void areas were located using a trimble GPS unit. A report was included with all of the GPS locations for the voids. Using this information, the client was able to find each void and repair it as necessary.

GPRS Locates Voids Within Concrete Slab - Jacksonville, FL

In the image above, you can see GPRS technician Tony Valenti scanning
along the sea wall in an area where void activity was present.

If you would like a quote for locating voids, utilities, conduit or other digging obstructions, please visit the “contact us” page on our website at to contact your local GPRS representative.

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