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Underground Storage Tank Located in Boulder, Colorado

GPRS of Colorado was recently contacted to locate an abandoned UST (underground storage tank) in Boulder, Colorado so that it could be removed. The customer had a fairly good idea of where the tank was located but needed to be certain of depth and size before excavation began.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was able to scan the area that the customer was concerned with and mark all findings on the surface. Not only was GPRS able to identify the tank and mark it’s approximate footprint on the surface, but they were also able to give approximate depths to the surface of the anomaly that was seen.

Underground Storage Tank Located in Boulder, Colorado

Not only can GPRS locate USTs in Denver Colorado, we offer other non-destructive testing such as locating Post Tension Cables in apartments in Fort Collins, or locating rebar in Colorado Springs, Colorado. GPRS also has an office in Albuquerque, New Mexico for your subsurface investigation needs. Call your local representative Adam Rock at 303.775.8270 or to schedule an appointment today.

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