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GPR Scanning for Subsurface Utilities - Arlington, Texas
Underground utilities detected using ground penetrating radar at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX.

GPR Scanning for Subsurface Utilities - Arlington, Texas

This GPR scan took place in at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX. The customer needed to determine the locations of the underground utilities prior to excavating the area for installation of components of a new roller coaster.

David Hagenmayer with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc., was contracted to scan the area requested and mark out all potential utilities. David successfully located the private utilities and the client was then able to excavate safely and install the new sanitary sewer line.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. can locate underground anomalies such as utilities, and voids using non-destructive testing methods. GPRS, Inc. offers a response time unrivaled in the industry. Often times, we can schedule your project the same day or within a few days at the most. By delivering fast and accurate service, you can be sure your project remains on schedule and within budget. Our experienced technicians set the bar and offer professional services to meet the needs of the fast paced construction industry.

For over 15 years GPRS, Inc. continues to lead the industry because of our highly trained and dedicated technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and the passion for excellence. We are the best at what we do, because it’s all we do. Ground Penetrating Radar is cost effective, non-hazardous, and provides data in real time. For GPRS services in North Texas, please call (972) 922-0223 or email We also offer nationwide service. For a local representative, please visit our website at

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