GPRS Locates Utilities for Environmental Contractor - Richmond, VA

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Virginia was utilized to detect a complex system of underground utilities at a construction site in Richmond, VA. The existing as-built plans were inaccurate and the customer needed GPRS to verify marks as a third-party utility contractor. GPRS Project Manager Josiah Donaldson verified the location, depth, and direction of all utilities marked on site in addition to an unmarked duct bank running parallel with the proposed trench.

GPRS Locates Utilities for Environmental Contractor - Richmond, VA  Private Utility Scanning in Richmond Area

GPRS of Virginia performs GPR concrete and ground scanning to locate underground storage tanks, utilities, and subsurface anomalies. Whether you are locating utilities or satisfying the bank’s questions about any subsurface surprises, GPRS has your answers. For UST and utility locating projects in the Richmond, VA area contact Josiah Donaldson at or call 804-393-8744 or 757-319-1903.

Ground Radar Scanning
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