Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc.

GPRS Locates Reinforcement for Electrician - Midland, Texas

With multiple construction projects beginning in Midland Texas, an Electrician in Midland quickly found himself in need of our services. Prior to calling Ryan, the crew cored through multiple sections of reinforcement in an elevated slab. Ryan Dennis with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc., was called out to scan an area of the slab to verify the location of reinforcement. Ryan was able to verify the location of multiple sections of reinforcement and even the sections of rebar they cored through. Had Ryan been called prior to coring there wouldn’t have been a hit. Fortunately, only rebar was hit and not a conduit or post tension cable.

GPRS Locates Reinforcement for Electrician in Midland, Texas

Ground Penetrating Radar is cost effective, nonhazardous, and provides data in real time.

For GPRS capabilities in West Texas, please call (806) 201-1257 or email

Ground Radar Scanning
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