GPR Scan for Hydro Lines at Factory - Vaughan, OntarioGPR Scan for Hydro Lines at Factory - Vaughan, Ontario

GPRS Enterprises was contacted by an electrical engineering company who was in search of locating all hydro lines and mapping out all site lighting throughout the back of an industrial factory. A GPRS technician was able to promptly mobilize to the site in Vaughan, Ontario. In order to obtain depths and locations of all utilities, GPR and radio-detection were used. Knowing the precise locations of these hydro lines were critical to this electrical engineer because striking one of these lines could put the factory out of power and therefore out of production. The GPRS technician understands the severity of providing exact locations of all utilities found, and with the technology GPRS has available, the technician was able to do so. This engineer was provided with hand sketches that mapped out the rigorous extent, measurement and whereabouts of all utilities found on site. In addition to this hand sketch, all findings were marked directly onto the surface using the correspondent colour so that the contractor and all the workers of the factory can easily distinguish which line is underground.

At the end of the day, everybody involved with this job was able to continue their work confidently. If you are in need of Private Utility Locating or any of our other services such as Rebar / Reinforcement Layout or Void Detection, please contact Adrian Atkins at 905-531-1438 or

Private Utility Locate Prior to Excavation - Bolton, ON

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of Hamilton recently worked at a residential project to locate all the major utilities that were feeding the homeowners property prior to doing some landscaping improvements. A technician was able to arrive on site within 24 hours to conduct the GPR scan and give the contractor peace of mind by quickly determining locations of all the utilities present within the back and front yard. Power and Water lines were also located feeding their work shed with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and radio-detection. Precise depths for all utilities were also given. As a result, the owner was given peace of mind before his excavation process started and could continue his work with confidence.

If you are in need of any of our underground utility locating services, which include underground storage tank location, storm and sewer drain mapping, water and gas line location, and power/communication marking in the Hamilton / Toronto / Windsor area, please contact: Adrian Atkins at (905) 531-1483 or at

Private Utility Locate Prior to Excavation - Bolton, ON


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